Post Surgical Lymphatic Drainage
Post Surgical Healing

Elevating Post-Surgical Healing to Unprecedented Heights

We redefine post-surgical care as a premium experience. Dedicated to helping patients not only heal faster but also witness exceptional results that truly maximize their investment.

Expert Medical Lymphatic Drainage

Our licensed therapists deliver customized lymphatic drainage techniques with precision and expertise. reducing swelling, improving circulation, and enhancing your healing journey.

Specialized RF Frequency And Ultrasound

Experience amplified healing with our advanced aftercare regimen: RF frequency, ultrasound, and lymphatic drainage for smoother contours and faster recovery.

Master Nutritionist-Designed Nutrition Plans

Our master nutritionist creates personalized healing nutrition plans, optimizing post-surgical recovery and long-term vitality. Experience strategic guidance for optimal well-being.

Customized Healing Supplement Regimens

Our personalized supplement regimens enhance healing, minimize inflammation, and cater to individual needs and recovery goals.

We Welcome New Patients & Doctor Referrals

Our doors are open to new patients seeking the pinnacle of post-surgical care. We also extend a warm welcome to esteemed surgeons and doctors seeking to offer their patients the best in recovery support. At Adore Skin Studio Med Spa, we pledge to deliver unparalleled care and outcomes.

Doctor Referrals Adore Skin Studio Med Spa

The Benefits Are Remarkable

These impressive statistics underscore the transformative impact of our specialized aftercare services. At Adore Skin Studio Med Spa, we guarantee transformative aftercare, ensuring incredible patient experience and stunning long-lasting outcomes.


✅ Nearly 95% of patients notice a more sculpted and refined

Over 80% report a notable increase in confidence and satisfaction with results.


✅ Up to 30% reduction in post-surgical swelling.

✅ Over 90% of patients report increased comfort during recovery.


Over 85% of patients experience a significant reduction in discomfort and bloating.

✅ Up to 25% faster recovery time compared to conventional aftercare methods.


✅ Up to 40% reduction in post-surgical swelling.

✅ Over 85% of patients report improved mobility and comfort during recovery.

Committed To Your Recovery Journey

Our dedicated team understands the importance of personalized care, providing the necessary resources, expertise, and compassion you need to achieve optimal healing and exceptional results.

Easy & Affordable Pricing

10 Lymphatic Drainage Treatments Package


Package of 10 Lymphatic Treatments
(1-hour treatments)

One Treatment


Single Lymphatic Treatment
(1-hour treatment)

Nutritional Counseling Session


Nutritional Counseling Session


B12 + Amino Acid Injection
“Skinny Shots”

B12 Skinny Shot Package


Package of 10 B12 + Amino Acid Injection
“Skinny Shots”

Cherry Pay
Cherry Pay Post Surgery Adore MedS pa
Cherry Pay Post Surgery Adore MedS pa
Cherry Pay Post Surgery Adore MedS pa

Financing Available Through 🍒 Cherry Pay

Buy Now. Pay Monthly. Let your money go further and take better control of your cash flow when you pay in smaller, more manageable monthly installments with Cherry.

*We also accept HSA and FSA as payment options.

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